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"Live For A Living" - Buddy Wakefield

|October 22nd, 2012|

459 Productions - The End of an Era

When I first got into computers/video editing I really had no idea what I was doing. My days consisted of a lot of trial and error just to see what would work and what would not. Eventually I became confident enough in myself to think about starting my own video editing/web design company. It was then that I started and began an era in my creative and professional career that I learned a lot from.

It was through that I got involved in freelance web design and development. It was also there that I really got started in video editing and producing. There is no way I would be where I am at doing the stuff I am doing today without the experience and knowledge I gained from that experience. It was a successful learning experience, but a failure everywhere else.

In nine days will fall off the face of the earth and become an open domain that anyone can buy. It will be an end of an era for me; an era that actually ended a while ago when I made the decision to create everything under my own name. My first “business” if you can call it that will close its doors and be left behind. I’m ok with that.

Where I am now compared to where I was when I was sixteen is drastically different not only from a professional standpoint, but from a personal standpoint as well. I learned that you can’t be afraid of failure because if you never fail than you will never learn. failed, but I learned a lot from it, and I will take the stuff I learned and apply it where I see fit.

With that I say goodbye to 459 Productions, and welcome my next project with whatever challenges may come along with it.

|August 21st, 2012|

GoPro Exclusive – TNMX

The Thursday before the AMA Washougal National is held at Washougal MX Park. Thursday Night Motocross the longest running night motocross track located in the infield of Portland International Raceway in Portland, Oregon plays host to an amazing pro race that riders from across the country flock to.

This year GoPro helped us out by providing us with some of their HD Hero 2 cameras to make a video with. This is that video, shot entirely on HD Hero 2 cameras. I have to give thanks to all the guys at GoPro that hooked us up with the cameras. I also have to give credit to Joey Lancaster, Josh Gray, and Chis Sanchez for doing most of the filming with them as I was shooting another video of the event.

I edited this video while those guys did the majority of the shooting. I was really impressed at the quality of video that the GoPro was able to create at the price tag it is offered at. I highly reccomend it for anything where you just want to be able to whip out a camera and get that quick killer shot. The only thing I noticed that I did not like about them is that they are not the greatest camera in low light (i.e. at night). So check out the video and be sure to leave comments on Vimeo or YouTube as I enjoy reading what people have to say about my work.

|August 7th, 2012|

Mat Honan Loses Everything

So you think your small adware virus that slows your computer down and forces you to wipe and load your operating system is bad. Well you should probably read this article about how Mat Honan lost everything to a brutal hack a couple of days ago.

Most people have heard of iCloud, a one stop drop box for all of your Apple devices. You can have your Macbook, iPad, iPod, and iPhone all linked to the iCloud to backup data. Mat Honan used iCloud for his Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.

In a mere one hour Mat Honan’s digital life was hacked, destroyed, and stomped on by a hacker who gained access to his Google account, then his twitter, and lastly his AppleID where the hacker then proceeded to remote wipe all of the data off of his Apple devices. Surely, it is just one guy in about a zillion that had to endure this horrific digital era apocalypse. However, I am afraid that a monumental hack of this magnitude raises much more concern than just “O sucks for that guy”.

What happened here shows a fundamental flaw in technology and the idea of security. With advancements in technology there become more holes in security. Nothing is secure to the point that only you can gain access to it, at least not on the internet or digital age. Think of a deadbolt lock where there is only one key to that lock. Is it secure? No of course not because someone can pick that lock.

Therefore, an email with one password is not any more secure than a deadbolt. The worst part is that most people use the same password all over the place. So all a hacker needs to do is hack one account and then they have access to dozens. This is undoubtedly what happened to Mat Honan. He thought the systems he was using were hack proof, and that no one could ever gain access to these systems.

Nothing in this digital era of technology is 100% secure. Change your passwords frequently, use different passwords for different logins, and don’t ever hand out your password to anyone you can’t trust. Otherwise you run the risk of this same thing happening to you.

|July 31st, 2012|

Meet Vizify - Your Social Network Infographic


Meet Vizify, your new social network infographic site that pulls all of your social networking into one piece of eye candy. The new site Vizify is a Portland based startup company that is trying to do something that is not only appealing to look at but also super useful.

Today most of us have several different means of social networking like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. We bounce around from one to the other and look at what is going on in each. This is ok for the common user who is just surfing the social wave and isn’t really trying to make an impact in it. But for those trying to brand themselves or stand out from the crowd, it is hard to do that when you are going from one network to the other.

Vizify essentially solves this problem by allowing users to link their social networks into one nice, pleasant looking space. The infographic idea behind Vizify is not necessarily new, as we have all seen infographics at one time or another. However, what they are using it for is new and very cool! It is like they took the data from LinkedIn and smashed it into the new web era of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. But they made it look even better.

I haven’t spent much time seeing if the site is compatible in other browsers, but in Chrome it sure does look snazzy. I will continue to build up my Vizify if the coming weeks and see how the rest of the application feels, but just based on how it looks I have to say I am very impressed.

|July 10th, 2012| - how it began part 3

So far in this series I have talked a lot about how Joey Lancaster and I started But there are actually a lot of people that contribute to the site that most people do not know about. Below are some of the people that contribute to on a fairly regular basis so that you can learn more about the people behind the scenes…

Chris Sanchez – We brought Chris into the fold a few months after we started the site. Plain and simple we needed another video guy that could help us out and met my own personal standards for quality. Chris shot the first couple rounds of the PRO NWMX National series this year as I could not make it out to them as I had other commitments. The guy listens and works hard to make sure anything he puts out there is of sufficient quality. Chris and I are planning on producing a video together at this year’s big Thursday Night Motocross Pro Race on July 19th.

Justin Silvey – Justin has been the designated photo guy since it all started. He is currently doing all of the photo coverage of this year’s PRO NWMX Nationals, and you can check out those photos here.

Kit Engwall – When not making cameo appearances with Vurbmoto, you can catch Kit at all the local tracks snapping pictures that will blow your mind. The guy knows his photography, and he also has big plans for what he wants to do in the industry. Be sure to go check out his portfolio!

Jessie Wharton – Full time WMX racer, part time photographer, part time writer. Talk about busy. Jessie has been doing stuff for off and on since we started. It was just recently that she came in full bore to start writing for the site, so be sure to watch out for her articles./p>

Meagan Lancaster – When she doesn’t have to take care of her bat shit crazy husband (Joey Lancaster). She is helping her bat shit crazy husband and I manage stuff at the track. Most race day coverage is posted by Meagan from her top secret iPad 5000 (limited edition).

Brian Barnes – Everyone knows Brian’s voice. I hate his voice, mostly because when I was younger it was like an alarm clock waking me up at Washougal, no offense Brian. Brian is like a superstar out here, and he deserves to be. Brian Barnes really helped get off the ground by supporting our efforts and getting the word out for us at the track. Even if he does snore so loud at night we could hear it through our hotel room wall. Regardless, be sure to thank Brian next time you see him for helping Northwest Motocross become what it is, and check out his view on things on Joey’s Podcast.

Joey Lancaster – We have already talked a lot about Joey as was his idea, and why he wanted to do it. But a lot of people do not realize that Joey’s mind does not shut off. The guy’s brain cells are wide fucking open all the time, it’s like Willy Wonkas chocolate factory up there. Most of them are ridiculous, yes, but that really does not phase him. One thing I have learned is that if Joey has an idea and he wants to do it, than he will do whatever it takes to do it. He is one of the only people I have ever met who told me “Yeah I think I want to race Baja”, and six months later he is telling me about how Baja went. The guy is passionate about whatever he is doing at the time, and he busts his ass to do it. So next time you see him make sure you tell him that they make these things called off switches and he can use it every once in a while to just sit in his power ranger pajamas and watch old motocross movies.

|June 25th, 2012| - how it began part 2

When I hung up the phone with Joey on Day 1 I brushed off his idea as nothing more than another one of his million ideas. It wasn’t until about the fourth or fifth harassing phone call that I actually started to really take him serious. Once he began calling me every week expanding on his original idea, and even going as far as creating his own logo in what I am sure was Microsoft Paint. I started to actually believe what he was saying, and I could start to see how the idea could actually transform into something really bad ass.

So finally I told Joey that we should sit down and iron out the idea. I told him to come up with some ideas on how he would want the site to look, how he thinks it should be laid out, and to figure out a timeline to get it done. What I would be given at this sit down by Joey would blow your mind.

We sat down with our laptops, and Joey literally hands me a piece of paper with a hand drawn sketch of what the home page should look like. Complete with what looked to be a cartoon version of Brian Barnes. Below is the only picture I found on my phone of said drawing, but I know I have the full drawing somewhere under some calculus, C++, and C# textbooks at home.

I kind of knew from that point on that I was locked into the project because there was no way I could turn down such a fine piece of hand drawn art like that. The only way that could have been better is if it would have been drawn on a napkin or toilet paper.

The remainder of that first meeting is pretty much a blur to me. I know that a lot of different things were talked about, but they were pretty minimal in the grand scheme of things. When we were leaving I told Joey I was game for the project, and was more than on board with it. I told him how he would need to go about buying his domain and hosting. Apparently I did not provide enough guidance on this as was nearly bought from a Russian spam site.

Anyone who has ever bought a domain name, or has at least thought of buying one has been faced with the thousands of possibilities of where you can buy a domain name. There are a vast number of companies out there that want to sell you your .com, .net, or .whatever you want in exchange for your cold hard cash. However, that does not always mean they are legitimate.

All across the internet are domain resellers, or as I like to call them thieves. They say they will sell you a domain name at a fraction of the cost, but they don’t actually have domains to sell you. So I believe Joey called me one night saying he could get a domain at one of these sites. Luckily I told him he was stupid and to stick with what I originally told him. Disaster avoided.

We have come a long way since that near disaster. As is running strong on a cheap shared server, cheap hosting, and a fairly reliable web administrator (myself). I do have plans to make it even faster though as I plan on ditching the shared server and moving the majority of the site out to the cloud, and in addition to making the site more mobile friendly for all you iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

Tune in next week as I share more about the people who contribute to on a regular basis.

|June 21st, 2012|

Vimeo Film Festival – Dark side of the lens

For those that don’t know, Vimeo hosted a film festival this past month in New York. I believe that this was their second festival and their first one was back in 2010. If you have never taken a stroll around Vimeo or you have never used it, than I strongly suggest you check it out. The content that is shared there is extraordinary, inspiring, and downright fucking creative. Or in other words the polar opposite of YouTube.

The video you see above is the winner of the action sports category from this year, and it was created by Ashtray Films. This video is probably in my top five in terms of creativity, producing, editing, and writing. It takes on a whole new approach to the Action Sports category by not covering an athlete or even a certain sport. Rather the creator turns the camera back on himself and reflects on why action sports are important to him. It is powerful and inspiring all at the same time.

To be perfectly honest I get really tired of watching the same type of video over and over. One shot of a guy hitting a corner here, one of a guy jumping here, and another shot here blah blah blah. It gets boring and old. That is why I don’t have a lot of respect for people who make low quality junk, and are doing it to just get their subscribers or viewers up.

You have to step out of the box and be different. Conformity is the worst kind of creativity because it takes zero thought. It is essentially plug and play creativity. Who wants to watch that? Not me.

Different is what the Vimeo Film Festival represents. It is full of so many creative people who all want to produce things that will make you feel something. I continue to strive to someday reach that kind of level, and until then I will continue to be inspired by this piece and others that are all around Vimeo.

p.s. I get emails wondering where certain videos of mine are, or if I will bring back some of my older videos. So if you are looking for my videos please check out my vimeo to see past and present videos.

|June 18th, 2012| - how it began Part 1

It has been over a year now since I first created for the famous Joey Lancaster, and so I thought now would be the time to reflect back on how the idea started and was developed into what it is now. I will most likely save the technical side of it for some other day because 90% of you out there don’t really care. Instead I will share the story on how it literally was created from a drawing on a piece of paper. Additionally I will throw out some ideas that have been discussed on where we want to take it next.

Day 1 – Joey called me one day and in typical Joey fashion talked about a million miles per hour and every ten sentences or so I would interject with a “yeah”. Now anybody who knows me will tell you that when I just yeah in a conversation, text message, or email it is a sure fire sign that either A) I believe that your idea is stupid or B) I believe that your idea is just another random thought that has no legs to stand on (aka it won’t really happen). Just so everyone is clear when I hung up with Joey on Day 1 his ideas were in the B category.

I remember him mentioning a bunch of ideas he had, and none of them really caught my attention more than the other, but it was within this mass of ideas that motothenw was actually born. Joey wanted to create something that would give back to the northwest motocross community, a means in which people could follow the motocross scene on a regional basis aka northwest. Without a doubt Vurbmoto, Racer X, and all the other big name sites are awesome for motocross. But most of the time the region specific or local stuff goes unnoticed to most people.

So Joey wanted to make something that would allow the northwest motocross community to have their own place on the internet. At this point in time that place didn’t have a name, so I think some of the early ideas were moto nw, northwest motocross, nw riders, and of course moto the nw.

It was a cool idea to me and one that I knew I would have to put a lot of work into, and most likely I would be doing it probono. But at that point in time it was nothing more than another one of Joey’s ideas and anyone who knows him knows exactly what I am talking about.

//Quick side note\\
Joey once talked Matt Fouts, Sean Ekerson, and myself to go on a Man vs Wild adventure outside of Troutdale, OR. We couldn’t bring anything, and I took that to be a literal anything, so all I brought was some clothes to leave in the car. Turns out, we could bring backpacks to carry said clothes, but I had no back pack so I got hike through blackberry bushes, around a river, and through a giant field carrying a paper sack with my underwear in it!
//End side note\\

Where was I? O right, Joey and his ideas. So when Joey first told me of I chalked it up to that it would never happen because it would never get legs. But something would happen a week or two later that would surely change my mind.

Tune in next week where I talk about how was almost bought illegally on a Russian spam site.

|June 10th, 2012|

live for a living

If you have ever taken a look at my portfolio you may have noticed a quote below my highlight video that reads "Live for a living" - Buddy Wakefield. The reason I chose to put that there is because that is a quote I try to live my life by. You may draw a different conclusion about what that quote means than me, and that is perfectly fine, but I want to share why that quote is important to me.

The society we live in today puts us in a box. This can be a good thing in that it gives us a structure and a map to some form of success. The bad thing about it is that it gives us a structure and a map to success. Yes I know that I listed the same thing as a good thing and bad thing.

But that is because both are true. Structure is not a bad thing because without it we would probably be running around like chickens with our heads cut off. But too much structure and we never experience what life really is, an adventure. So the quote "Live for a living" to me means that life is way too short to be concerned about the stress of little things like work, school, and other random things.

It means that you live your life as if it was what you are making a living on. You adventure, step out of the box, and break the traditional structure.

It is a struggle everyday to take on a mentality like that, but I feel like if I try everyday for it then eventually I will get there. I have tried to not take things as literal anymore. Yes I have responsibilities that are very important, work and school, are the most time consuming ones. But they do not define me and who I am. They are merely tools that will make me more defined and successful in life.

Like I said this quote could mean something different to you. But to me it is a constant reminder that everyday could be my last, and you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. Therefore I need to live each day, not just be alive in the world, but I need to literally live my life each and every single day. Enjoy the things I have, the people I get to enjoy them with, and continue to explore the adventure of life.

|May 27th, 2012|

a billion dollar copycat

You may have heard about the newest acquisition Facebook made when they paid 1 billion dollars for popular photo sharing app Instagram. What did Facebook do next? Release Facebook camera of course, essentially a replica of what Instagram with photo filters that Facebook claims they designed.

So why pay a billion dollars for Instragram? There are multiple reasons why they did, but there are only really two that I see as the backbone to the acquisition.

1. Facebook saw Instagram as a direct competitor to their new feature, so buy up your competitor to make your product look better. Facebook camera is a direct representation of Facebook wanting to mimic what Instagram was doing and they would pay a billion dollars to duplicate it.

2. Without getting over the top nerdy with everyone that reads this. Instagram runs off a very slim, sleek, effective, and very very very (did I mention very?) fast code base. Think of the internet from ten years ago with those static HTML web pages, with nothing flashy but just text and /images. Sound familiar? That is exactly what Instagram is when you break down into a nut shell.

Competition was the biggest driving factor to the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook. They wanted to limit the competition to their new feature Facebook Camera, and they wanted to see the code base Instagram had created to run such a fast application.

|May 18th, 2012|

facebook ipo

Facebook opened up this morning on the stock market in its first IPO. Its initial offering closed today with a price of 38 dollars a share. The magnitude of this offering is obviously not seen with the closing price of a share, but its more about what Facebook going public represents.

We are talking about a website that harbors millions upon millions of users that was created in a dorm room by a 19 year old guy at Harvard. That guy is now worth close to 19.1 billion dollars. The reason this is so ground breaking is because it is a massive amount of money, and it is the biggest social network out there going out to the public to buy in.

Don’t be mistaken though as Facebook going public does not mean you are going to buy ten shares and become filthy rich. It takes a lot of methodical thinking and picking the best time to buy a share to make any kind of money off the stock market. But do take note in your memory banks that you witnessed the day Facebook was traded on the stock market. Unlike Google, Amazon, and other big technology partners being traded, Facebook is the first one that truly represents the power and influence of social networking today.

I will sit back for a little while to see what happens next though, as companies usually only go public if something big is going to happen or if they want to raise more money. Just remember that Facebook started in a college dorm room with some nerdy kids at Harvard. So if you think you have the next big idea, I would suggest you do something about it.

|April 13th, 2012|

pebble watch

You may have heard of this pretty cool watch that hit Kickstarter the other day called the Pebble. It is essentially your smart phone synced to a watch using Bluetooth technology, with a Kindle like display. What the watch does is fascinating, but what is even more fascinating is that it only took 28 hours for the Kickstarter project to receive over 2 million dollars in pledges!

The watch is very cool in that when I go running or cycling it can track my time, distance, and speed by communicating with my android device. The problem is that you have to carry your android device or IPhone with you while you do these activities. Sure when I go work on my golf swing I will probably have my phone with me, but I doubt I will have it when I am doing that twenty mile bike ride.

Pebble’s concept is another step in this fascinating revolution from computers to everyday devices happening before our eyes. I had an instructor last year in school say that in ten years from now the average consumer is likely not going to have a desktop computer in their home, and shortly thereafter they won’t even have laptops. Everything will be mobile.

Of course he kind of looked like Albert Einstein and talked really fast, so he could have been crazy. But part of that is true just by looking at this watch and project glass. The idea behind the smartphone (meaning application based systems that are light, fast, and easy to manage) are going to start spreading to your everyday devices so that you don’t even have to take out your cell phone anymore.

The Pebble watch is very cool and I will be interested to see one once they are released. In fact if they still had the hacker special I might have bought one just to try and build apps for it.

|April 6th, 2012|

google wants your eyes — Project Glass

Two days ago Google unveiled a new project code named “Project Glass” which is essentially your online social media pumped into get this, your flipping glasses! Everything that you do sitting at your computer you can do walking around town with your glasses on. Need to reply to an email? Just use voice activation and see the email typed up inside your glasses.

This is a bit of a pipe dream for Google as I don’t see the current technologies we have being able to support this magnitude of online integration. That isn’t to say that this isn't still very cool and I wish I had a pair of my own. But the facts are the facts, the technology we have right now could by no means handle this. How would it work? Would I have to use a Verizon 4G connection with my glasses? Or would Lens Crafters go from lens retailer to technology wizards over night.

There are a lot of questions that have to be answered when a technology like this hits the market. Not just infrastructure and technology ones, but ethics and crossing this imaginary line we have between our online social life and reality. No doubt that this will be revolutionary when it comes to fruition, and I for one will want a pair for my four eyes. But do keep in mind that is a long ways from coming to fruition as Google has already come out and said it won’t be coming out in 2012.

If I had to guess I would say it won’t be coming out in 2012,13,14, or 15.

|March 28th, 2012|

inspirational design

Design is something that continually amazes me even though I have chosen to go away from that career path and go with a more analytical one in software engineering. But I still check out Dribbble every day to see what new things people are creating out in the world at that moment in time, and every day I am impressed with the different directions people go. It makes me want to keep dabbling in design. If you have never checked out Dribbble I would suggest you do so right now; especially if you are pursuing a career or degree in art, graphic design, or marketing.

I think the most important lesson I learn from looking at other people’s designs is that each design no matter what it is, can be unique in the simplest of forms. A slight color change here, a different font there, or rounded corners versus square corners can make all the difference in the world as far as uniqueness and aesthetics.

Check out some of these designs that I find inspirational
Eight Coffee
Glossy Glass
Pixel Union
Floral Mix
Code Jam
Faculty Show

|March 21st, 2012|


folio focus featureI was browsing through my Analytics account today looking at the traffic for this site and some other sites I have my hands in. When I noticed that for some reason I was seeing a spike in traffic from a referral site. Upon further investigation I discovered that this very portfolio site had been selected by Folio Focus without me ever knowing. Now I don’t know if someone submitted me or if I was just picked randomly out of the blue. Either way it is always cool to see your work recognized and appreciated by your peers. So go check out my site on Folio Focus and look at some of the other pieces on there as there are quite a few good ones.

|March 16th, 2012|

dont be a perfectionist

Having a career already in the field I am getting my bachelor’s degree in is something I am quite proud of and very thankful for. It allows me some flexibility in what I choose to do right at this moment in time. Lately, online investing has caught my eye and has been something I have been trying to learn more about during my down time (which there isn’t a lot of that). Seeing as I don’t have days to read a book I turn to trusty Google most of the time when I want to read some articles about it.

I landed on a blog post titled “Thoughts on How to Live Life – December 2011” at It wasn’t really stock advice and it didn’t help me solve my conundrum on whether to choose E*TRADE or Scottrade. It did however provide some interesting quotes and some quality theories on how you should look at life every day. There was one quote the author mentioned and provided his thoughts on that I found very interesting.

“Being a perfectionist isn’t a good thing.” – Tony Chou

The author talks about the legacy of Steve Jobs, and how he made this empire we like to call Apple. The man poured his blood, sweat, and tears into that company to make it is what it is today. But he paid the ultimate price for the stress he endured trying to make Apple perfect. He worked his ass off to make everything perfect, and look where it got him; in the ground about twenty years before he should be there. The stress that comes from trying to be perfect keeps you awake at night and makes you worry about things that are minor in the overall big picture.

Nothing is more important than your life, and I think what the author is trying to say is that strive to be successful in life, but by no means do you have to be perfect. Avoid trying to be perfect because in the end you will reap no benefits from it, only consequences.

|March 9th, 2012|

kony 2012

Maybe you have heard of Kony 2012 the past couple of days, it’s the video that literally went from 5,000 views on YouTube to over 57 million in four days. It has gained internet stardom and harsh criticism in less than a week. It is an amazing piece of work whether you are for it or against it; you can’t deny that the way it is put together and the story behind it is truly unbelievable.

A lot has been made of it already, with some people screaming scam at it because of the politics that could be behind it. Others are saying that we are paying attention to this now because they came out with a cool video that makes people think it is cool to “Stop Kony”. However, most people are seeing this issue as one that has to be resolved, and want to do something to help.

I believe that the story is atrocious, and I believe that we hold the power as individuals unified for a cause to change anything in the world that we see as wrong. Knowing this I would be happy to say that I live in a world where people believe in taking action instead of waiting around on their hands waiting for somebody else to do something.

This needs to be out in the light for the entire world to see, and we need to keep it out there. That does not mean that you need to buy the wristbands, posters, or t-shirts. But it does mean that you have to take the responsibility upon yourself to keep this story relevant. Tell everyone you know about this, repost this video on your Facebook ten times a day, write your senators, put posters up, or whatever else you see fit to keep this in the light.

It is horrible that it took a video like this to bring to light a horrible issue like the one currently occurring in Uganda, there is no disputing that. We should have done something about this a decade ago, but we didn’t. But now we can, and now we should. So make the difference and keep the issue in the light so that Kony can be stopped in 2012.

|March 2nd, 2012| 2012 preroll was created a little over a year ago by Joey Lancaster. He came to me with the idea and I created the whole website from the ground up. The story behind the site and how it was created is for another blog post, but it is quite a feat for a website like this to still be booming like it is after a year doing it. I have been creating videos for for the past year and this video is just a sample of what is to come in 2012.

This is a video pre roll that features the title sponsors for the 2012 PRO NW MX Nationals that will play at the beginning of any video that has to do with I created this in Cinema 4D and then did the compositing in Adobe After Effects.

|Feburary 27th, 2012|

Welcome to My Blog!

Whats up everyone, welcome to my personal blog! I am Kyle Galbraith and I have created this blog as a place for me to share my knowledge, ideas, inspirations, and other cool random crap I find. Currently, I work as a software developer for a local Portland software company, but I also do a lot of freelancing on the side. My primary goal for this blog is to share my thoughts on video production, web design, web development, and other multimedia facets. Additionally, I will from time to time throw things up that I find inspiring, or just down right hilariously funny.

By no means am I an expert in any of the fields I currently work in or have hobbies in, so please do not quote me as an expert in your next term paper. But I do however consider myself fairly smart (a googolplex is the largest known number), and sometimes even a little creative (I know the rule of thirds). So with that, I will aim to blog at least once every two or three days here, and go follow me on twitter, facebook, Google+, and here.

Kyle GalbraithArchive

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