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What Folks Are Saying


Very Readable — Abigayle Franklin

Kyle did a great job breaking down the ins and outs of working with AWS. I've tried to get a handle on some of these features before only to find myself, a new developer, lost in a bunch of jargon. This book broke it down in to easy to read, manageable tasks. I am currently working on updating my portfolio site and will use Kyle's book to host my site AWS when I'm done.


A must have book when learning AWS! — Nathan Hugon

This is a must have book when learning to use AWS in your projects. It strikes the perfect balance of background info on the services and step by step instructions on how to use them.


Awesome guide for beginning your AWS journey. — Adam Crews

This is a great book for getting started. The narrative is easy to consume and provides great instruction for learning AWS, while delivering a useful website.

What's Included

100+ page AWS Essentials Book

Ten chapters of content focused on solving the problem of hosting static websites, leveraging security best practices, and optimizing delivery using Amazon Web Services. No fluff or filler. We walk through the various problems and learn core AWS services like S3, CloudFront, Route53, and Lambda as we go.

90 Minutes of video content

Every chapter of the book covered in even more depth. Watch me configure, utilize, and debug AWS right alongside you.

Access to the Learn AWS By Using It Slack channel

Join a community of learners like yourself, focused on learning Amazon Web Services. Ask questions of one another, chat about different solutions to different problems, get prepared for AWS certifications, and of course send me a message anytime 😊

Table of Contents

It's time to quit getting frustrated and overwhelmed by the massive sea of information surrounding Amazon Web Services. Instead of swimming through oceans of documentation, let's learn AWS by actually diving in and using it. We will focus on learning a subset of six core AWS services. Using each one to build a piece of our solution to a real-world problem. This is much more than just an AWS beginners guide, this course is full of tidbits for beginners and experts alike.

We will get off on the right foot by configuring our AWS account using security best practices. From there we will become masters of hosting static websites out of Simple Storage Service (S3). Then we are going to take our static website security up a notch by combining CloudFront with AWS Certificate Manager. Finally, we will get a taste of "serverless" by using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and Simple Email Service (SES) to set up a contact form on our website.

🏆With the bonus chapters we explore more advanced cloud best practices such as Infrastructure as Code, Continuos Integration and Continuos Deployment. We learn how we can leverage Terraform, CodePipeline, and CodeBuild to implement continuous deployment of our static website.

Quit Getting Lost in the Sea Of Information

  • Our Learning Framework
  • A Brief History Lesson On AWS
  • The Problem We Will Use For Context While Learning
  • When The Dust Settles

Learn S3 While Cutting Your Web Hosting Cost To A Dollar

  • Under A Dollar For Web Hosting
  • Every Bucket Must Have A Name
  • Configuring Your S3 Bucket for Static Website Hosting
  • DNS Records For Your Bucket Urls
  • Uploading Your Static Website
  • Benefits Of This Solution

Enhancing the Security of Our Static Website with WAF

  • Creating Our Web Application Firewall
  • How To Bait Bad Bots With A Honeypot API
  • Creating Our Bad Bot Bait
  • Create A Lambda Function For Updating Our WAF Condition
  • Programming The Lambda Function
  • Configure The Honeypot In API Gateway
  • Adding Our API Origin To CloudFront
  • The Benefits Of AWS WAF

Getting Setup With AWS

  • Getting Started With Amazon Web Services
  • 3 Things You Need To Do Before Using Your New Account
  • Configuring Your CLI
  • Other Considerations For New Accounts

Deliver to the World Instantly Using CloudFront

  • Creating The Static Website Distribution
  • Updating DNS Records
  • Optimize The Distribution For Caching
  • Busting The Cache via Invalidations
  • Leveraging Free SSL with AWS Certificate Manager
  • Secure Low Latency Delivery via CloudFront

Optimizing Our Use Case and Extending Our Learning

  • Extending Our Learning
  • Building A Serverless Contact Form
  • Configure Simple Email Service To Send Email To Ourselves
  • Creating The Role Our AWS Lambda Function Needs To Send Email
  • Leveraging Lambda To Process Our Serverless Contact Form Model
  • Testing Our API Gateway Endpoint
  • Integrating Our Serverless Contact Form Into Our Static Website
  • Leveraging AWS Agility To Iterate Quickly

🏆 Bonus Chapter #1: Going Beyond the AWS Console — How to Implement Infrastructure as Code for AWS Infrastructure

  • The Benefits of Infrastructure As Code for Our Use Case
  • Tools, Tools, Tools and More Tools for IaC
  • Getting Started with Terraform
  • Our Static Website Infrastructure as Code
  • Recapping the Benefits, Downsides and Tools for Infrastructure as Code

🏆Bonus Chapter #2: How to Continuously Deploy a Static Website in Style Using GitHub and AWS

  • Wait, What Is Continuous Deployment?
  • Configuring Our Build Trigger With GitHub and AWS
  • Creating Our CI/CD Pipeline in AWS Using Terraform
  • Overview of Our Deployment Pipeline Using AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild
  • Testing, Building and Deploying Our Static Website Using Buildspec
  • Triggering AWS CodePipeline from GitHub
  • Bam! We Have Continuous Deployment
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  • Access to the exclusive Learn AWS By Using It Slack Channel
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About the Author

Hey! I'm @kylegalbraith, senior software engineer, AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architect, blogger, and aspiring entrepreneur.

I teach everything I know on my blog, through Twitter chats, and the occassional screencast. I love travelling, teaching, and talking peoples ears off about technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything about Amazon Web Services, will this product help me get started?

Absolutely! We are approaching AWS with fresh eyes in this course and assuming that we are totally new to this cloud computing thing. This course will help you learn AWS basics and technical essentials without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

Can I purchase multiple licenses for my team at a reduced price?

Yes! Click here to check out the team licensing packages. You can buy licenses of The Total Package for teams of up to 5, 10, or 20 depending on what fits your needs.

Is the course kept up to date with AWS changes?

Yes! AWS is constantly innovating and changing their services to meet the needs of their users. So we do our best to keep the course updated with any changes that impact the services we are learning. Any updates will always be sent to folks who purchase a package at no additional charge.

What prerequisites do I need to have before taking this course?

Basic programming knowledge in a language of your choice is going to be helpful. You should also have access to your own set of DNS records, an IDE of your choosing, and the ability to sign up for an AWS account.

Is a static website required?

The best way to learn is to work on a real thing. No worries if you don't have a static website, we will create one using Gatsby static site generator. If you already have one feel free to skip the videos that are just about the static website.

I have more questions!

Great! Shoot me an email at [email protected]

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