Kyle Galbraith

Software Engineer // Entrepreneur // Traveler

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination

Albert Einstein

//A Little About Me

Problem solving — The process of taking a complex, difficult, and hard to understand concept to a concise, clear, and understood solution. That is where my true passion lies. I enjoy exploring the unknown and learning the several sides of a problem in order to better understand the possible solutions.

My skills lie in crafting clean, scalable, and maintainable software solutions to problems facing businesses and individuals. With multiple years of experience in SaaS, I have learned that creating software is useless unless there is a problem that a customer needs help solving. Even then, creating software that helps them solve their problem can be very difficult.

Software that does not help a customer solve the problem they are faced with is not useful for the customer or the company creating the software. Therefore, we must research the use cases a customer needs, derive solutions based on these cases, and communicate with the customer to verify that we are helping them solve their problem. If we are not helping them solve their problem, then it is on us to iterate until we do.

Creating complex software is not the ideal, nor the norm. Creating the simplest software for the problem is what will best help the customer solve the problem they are faced with. Often times this is also the most maintainable, scalable, and performant software as well. By following this methodology we can create software that is precise to customers needs, reliable, elastic to demand, and automated.

With multiple years of experience in creating and maintaining true cloud software within multiple cloud providers (Amazon Web Services & Azure). I bring the experience and the ability to not only craft solutions to complex problems, but to also implement them in the most cost effective, scalable, and performant manner possible. My background lies in creating software as a service applications that are architected and implemented to take full advantage of elastic computing in the cloud. I believe strongly in the concepts of agile, test driven, fault tolerant, and performant software that matches the needs of a customer and is lean in its operation and cost.

I am always looking for new projects to learn about or help out in anyway I can. Whether you just need a second opinion on a solution you have derived yourself, or you need some help implementing a solution, please feel free to Contact Me.

//Latest Projects

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